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Dr. J. William LaValley, MD

Molecular Integrative Oncology & Molecularly-Targeted Physician

People diagnosed with cancer, and the Integrative Medicine physicians who treat them, want scientifically evidence-based, molecularly-targeted treatment options that complement conventional oncology treatments to improve healthy outcome, reduce suffering, enhance quality of life and extend length of life.

Molecular Integrative Oncology treatment recommendations utilize the extensive PubMed evidence-base to develop rational natural product supplement and re-purposed pharmaceutical options to deliver these on-going robust results to patients - in addition to - NOT instead of - conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy providing significantly improved and resilient clinical healthy outcomes for patients.

My professional clinical expertise is the development and implementation of advanced evidence-based molecularly-targeted Molecular Integrative Oncology anti-cancer treatments for physicians to administer to their patients.

Integrative Medicine physicians utilize these treatment recommendations to provide their patients this "other half of cancer treatment" that is rigorously scientific and broadly holistic.

Physicians utilize the curated, evidence-based, molecularly-targeted treatment information to effectively and efficiently integrate:

(1) anti-cancer natural product supplement recommendations


(2) anti-cancer re-purposed (already-available) drug recommendations (so-called 'off-label' prescriptions)

to increase anti-cancer therapeutic benefits for their patients.

[Note: approx.10% primary care physicians' prescriptions and up to 30% oncologists' chemotherapy prescriptions are 'off-label' prescriptions]

The Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment plans are rigorously evidence-based, molecularly-targeted protocols for physicians to administer to their patients to achieve significantly better outcomes than expected or predicted without these immediately available treatment options.

Dr. J. William LaValley, MD
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