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Jason Demchok

Whole Food Culinary and Food Science Expert

I teach people the simple and sustainable cooking skills that all our Great Grandmothers knew, in order save a ton of time and money, while getting all the nutrients we need, without the toxins.

My passion is helping people be disease and stress free so they can enjoy all the beautiful, delicious and incredible experiences life has to offer. I work with a wide range of Doctors and human optimization experts to help myself and others function, look and feel their best. Instead of focusing on the branches and leaves, I look to root causes of disease and wellbeing.

One thing I've learned is to never listen to what the “experts” tell me are my physical and mental limitations. With a background in research and psychology, I became proficient in reading scientific research papers and travelled the world to learn about traditional healing and human optimization methods. What I found is most doctors, psychologists and dentists are over 50 years behind the current research.

Here are some of the measurable improvements I made in my life, which every doctor I consulted said was impossible:

1. Overcame severe anxiety, panic disorder and insomnia using liposomal delivered natural neurotransmitter precursors, and Soma Breath Technique.

2. Flattened my stomach and eliminated visceral fat by detoxing the hormone-disrupting environmental toxins (obesogens).

3. Reversed high-blood pressure through optimizing my diet, exercises and breathing.

4. Changed my facial structure, expanded my palate (including adding bone), and widened my airways using Myofunctional Therapy and the Advanced Lightwire Functional appliance.

5. Almost completely cured of a lifetime of painful IBS caused by a childhood of excessive antibiotic use and standard American diet, through properly nurturing my microbiome.

6. Reversed gum disease and tooth decay using Xylitol and Dr. Ellie Phillip’s method.

7. Went down two eye-glasses prescriptions using the Active Focus method.

In addition, I have almost 20 years of practice in traditional Yoga and Breathing exercises from studying under many revered teachers in the the Himalayas

My mission is to bring awareness to more people of the miraculous power our bodies have to heal and repair themselves through simple methods that work with nature, not against it.

Instagram @optimized.being


Jason Demchok
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