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Katerina Belik, PhD

Lead Developer of Wellness Programs Vedara Wellness Center

Experienced educator specializing in accent reduction in English, improving presentation skills, and exploring psychological aspects of language.

Leader of Vedara company specializing in the field of wellness, alternative medicine, and personal growth.

I am leading implementation of wellness programs for educators and corporate clients.

Besides teaching communication to university students, I curate a monthly publication called My Indigo Sun. This digital magazine is an educational resource in the fields of holistic health, natural healing, personal development, and spiritual growth.

My experience working with holistic and metaphysical practitioners led me to co-found Vedara Empowerment Center. It is a place where healers coming from a wide rage of modalities get a much needed marketing knowledge and support.

My team and I are busy creating corporate wellness programs, wellness for educators, and educational events on holistic health and personal growth.

I love everything I do, so there is no distinct boundary between work and pleasure time. I have a loving family, great friends, supportive colleagues and business partners, and access to remarkable people I can learn from. I love finding solutions, helping others succeed; I enjoy reading, planning and organizing programs and events; I enjoy all sorts of creative things- from painting to designing a new project for my students to planning a wine tasting game.

Katerina Belik, PhD
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