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Mohsen Ghasemi

Medical Geneticist, Cancer Epigenetics, Entrepreneur

Researcher in the field of medical genetics, medical epigenetics and clinical laboratory, I have experience in research laboratory about ten years . Accomplished in developing and applying the new protocols and technologies. I am attentive in medical genetics, medical epigenetics, molecular biology, genetic engineering and medical clinical laboratory. My areas of interest are:

(A) Medical genetics and epigenetics: 1.Genetics and epigenetics of cancer and neuroscience 2.Genetic testing

(B) Molecular biology: Biology of Cancer and neuroscience

(C) Genetic engineering: 1.Konckdown, knockout and over-expression (siRNA+Gal4) in transgenic models 2. Molecular cloning 3. Optogenetics

(D) Medical clinical laboratory: Research in clinical laboratory

Mohsen Ghasemi
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